The Assassin’s Blade

Alright guys.... Maas is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I had a student ask me the other day what my favorite series was. I used to answer that with Harry Potter. Now, I would probably say The Generation Trilogy. However, the more I am reading the The Throne of Glass the more I … Continue reading The Assassin’s Blade


Starla’s Christmas Conundrum

"Lavender and roses soon infused her senses. Utilizing a well-cultivated set of coping skills, Starla soon felt refreshed in spite of everything. "-Carol E Keen, "Starla's Christmas Conundrum This book follows the life of Starla, a Christian music sensation. Being overworked and at her wits end, Starla decides to take a break. To the dismay of … Continue reading Starla’s Christmas Conundrum